About Intelon Optics

Intelon is a development-stage biomechanical diagnostic and surgical device company developing and commercializing the Brillouin Optical Scanner System (BOSS™), which enables next-generation point-by-point biomechanics of eye structures, extending from the cornea to the posterior part of the globe.

BOSS brings novel and unique solutions to allow permanent and full control and a high level of decision-making confidence to clinicians and surgeons based on biomechanical tissue properties for a range of ocular diagnostic and surgical procedures.

Those solutions will eventually be offered to a broad range of customers, ranging from research institutions to health care providers (HCPs) in a multitude of international markets, and as OEM solutions to multi-national corporations.

Intelon Optics recently presented as a “Company to Watch” at OIS (Ophthalmic Innovation Summit). Watch the presentation here:


JAMA Ophthalmology – January 2015

In vivo Brillouin biomechanical mapping of normal and keratoconus corneas
BOSS presents the first known high-resolution biomechanical maps of healthy and diseased corneal tissue in vivo.

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Optics Express – April 2012

In vivo Brillouin optical microscopy in the human eye
Study by Intelon’s scientific founder, S.H. Andy Yun, Ph.D. reporting the first use of Brilliouin optical microscopy in the human eye. Data was captured using Intelon’s core BOSS technology.

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Nature Photonics – January 2008

Confocal Brillouin microscopy for three-dimensional mechanical imaging
Fundamental report in Nature Photonics paper — authored by Intelon’s scientific founder, S.H. Andy Yun, Ph.D. — describing the core Intelon BOSS spectrometer technology, which enables safe and rapid biomechanical measurements in the human body.

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To learn more about Intelon Optics, contact:

Dominik Beck, Ph.D.  / CEO Intelon Optics
Email: team@intelonoptics.com